When most people picture there paradise it is on a beach with the sun on there face. Soaking in all the sun beams and relaxation that comes with a beach vacation. And don’t get me wrong I love to feel the heat on my face and the sand in my toes, but when I think of my paradise something different comes to mind. I have two places that come to mind when I think paradise. One is a place I went on a school trip last year. The other, a place I have never been but have dreamed of every night for years. Southern France and london England are my paradise. To be specific there is a little town in the southern region of France named Avignon. It is a walled city created as a safe haven for the pope in 1251. However it was created by the Greek many years prior. It is the most beautiful city with all original architecture and absolutely no motor vehicles within the stone walls.
My second paradise is London, England. It is true that I have never been to London. But one day I will go and it will be amazing. I find London fascinating. It has such diverse cultures depending on what part of the city you are in. It is the ultimate mixture of history and technology. From above you can see many original buildings made out of the lovely stone, as well as the London eye and the Shard tower. Everything from the food to the fashion is inspiring and captivating. When I go there I know I will instantly fall in love with its unique personality.
My two paradises may seen ordinary. I mean who doesn’t love England and France. But they are the two places that I seewhen I close my eyes and I picture every time the real world gets a little too stressful. They are my paradises. I would love to read about you paradise down in the comments or if you read this far. See you real soon!



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