Things you need for summer!

There are a few things that everyone needs for summer. The first thing is a really good pair of sunglasses. I have two pairs that I am absolutely in love with, but I have no idea where they are from. Ray bans are always a good option of you want something a little more expensive or Zara for some that are equally as cute but half the price. The next thing would be sunscreen and lots of it. I am a strong believer that sunscreen is a must for the summer to protect that beautiful skin from turning into brown leather. I love the feel and smell of Hawaiian Tropics. You  can find it at most drugstores and targets or walmarts. It’s important to get a sunscreen that you actually like the feel of or it seems like such a chore to keep replying it and if it smells awesome then that’s just a bonus. My last absolute must would be a really cute bathing suit. Whether it’s a bikini or a one price it better be cute and make you feel your best. I really love my bathing suit from target. It was super affordable and really flattering. I also really like the bathing suits from Topshop and Lululemon. Super good quality bathing suits and really comfortable. These are the things that I keep on me everyday in the summer. It’s my holy trinity of summer essentials. Thanks for reading! 



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