Chatty Time :)

Hello everybody! How are you doing today , or whatever day you might be reading this? I’m doing really well! I’m on a family vacation to Kelowna, British Columbia. It’s ridiculously hot here! Anyway it feels like ages since I’ve been on and I had a whole post planed out and then my dad threw away part of it. So I thought that this could just be a chatty post. Hope that’s alright. So I’ve sort of decided to post a new blog post about once ever second Saturday. I want to do more then that but I don’t want to promise more then that if I can’t follow through. And I want to do more beauty type things. If you have any ideas as to possible blog posts you would be interested in please leave a comment it would mean so much to me! And please give this a thumbs up if you read this all and I will see you again very soon! 



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