Hello everybody! How are you doing today? So I just got back from my vacation and thought I should put up a little post about it. I also thought I should add a bit about going back to school because it is only a week away. So anyway my trip was unreal it was so good! I loved everywhere that we went. The only hard thing about the trip was that we only had a day in most places. I wanted to stay in most places for a very very long time! But when I got home it was automatically back to school and school supply shopping and all of that. I love the excitement that comes along with going back to school ,  but I also hate how everything feels so rushed and panicked. I am so excited to see everyone at school and to start school again. I love going to school and learning. But I hate how everyone at school is always so negative about school. Like going back to school is a fun time for me. It is energetic. How are you all feeling about back to school and fall arriving soon? Hopefully your having fun with this season as well. Well that is all right now and I will talk to you soon hopefully sooner then two weeks from now. I think the next one will be a back to school haul. Have a good day and I’ll talk to you soon. 



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