Back To School Makeup 

Hello everyone! How are you today? Are you enjoying the season change so far? I’m loving it! I am so ready for autum and autum fashion. It’s just such a cozy time of year. So today I decided to put up a little post just cause I don’t know I just really want to. It’s going to be a fall/back to school makeup look.   

  So this is me all natural. I have washed, toned and moisturized my face.  

 This is my face makeup. Everything is very light and easy to put on. My only critique is that the foundation is quite kind of like shiny. It’s great for people with dry or dull skin. I have combination oily skin so I put a powder over it to make it matte and to keep it in place a bit better. 


So this is the finished look. The eyes are pretty much the gold base, the second darkest brown from the Stila pallet and the second darkest from the rectangular not Mac pallet and the dark pink from the Stila blended into the crease.  I also put some of the dark brown for the Mac pallet in my outer crease area and the white under my eyebrows. To fill in my eyebrows I use the third darkest brown in the Stila pallet. 

I hope you like the look and please leave comments of what you are loving for your fall makeup look. Talk to you soon. 



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