Body shop impressions

Hello everyone! How are you today? So I never do little mid week posts but I just wanted to sneak this one in. It’s kinda of a first impressions on a body shop product and a review on another. Hope you enjoy! 

So I’ve been using the seaweed day cream for about two or three years now and I cannot say enough good things about it. It moisturizes without feeling heavy and it sinks in so fast. It is great under makeup and there’s also a kind you can get with spf 15 which I get in the summer. It’s an awesome formula for oily skin. Love it! 

The other product is the Wonderblur. I’ve been using this for about 4 days. It is good it makes pores vertically disappear which is Amazing! However the smell is aweful and I hold my breath for a few seconds after applying it because it is just so unpleasent. However I am able to overlook the smell because this product is like none other. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post and leave your thoughts on either of these products below! See you soon! 



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