Beauty First Impressions

Hello everyone! How is everyone today? I’m so sorry that this is going up on a Monday not a Sunday I had it all planned yesterday but I just had no chance to get it out. So anyway, I got a few new products and wanted to do a little first impressions post about them.  I saw  the concealer on Mannymau on YouTube and the foundation on Freddymylove on YouTube.  

So first the BB Cream. It is be first face product I have used from Garnier. It’s the Garnier BB cream.  And I love it!! It is so light and creamy. It’s very light coverage just enough to cover up unevenness or redness in the skin. So far it is my favourite face product I have used so far.

The concealer is the Maybelline master conceal.  This concealer is absolutely crazy! It is an amazing coverage concealer that highlights and brightens my ended eye area. It covers everything with the tiniest drop. I am so impressed by how good it is.  

Hope you enjoyed this little post. I have a really exciting one for next weekend! See you then! 



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