Gift Guide 2015!

( disclaimer I wrote this this weekend and I have a big explanation about it in my newest post so please check that out too) Hello everybody! I hope you’re all doing great this festive season! So i know that there had been about a million gift guides done within the last month so i have been trying to resist doing one. The reason i am doing one is because i have yet to see any that have products that i can get here in Canada without a TON of shipping fees. This is for all my fellow North American’s who are in need of a little christmas gifting inspiration.



  • Burts Bees Lip Trio  


  • Smash box Try It Kit 



Bath & Body:


  • Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day Set 


  • Lush Golden Wonder Gift Set 


  • Lush Its Christmas Deer Set 

Random Others:


  • Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Monogram Trinket Catch All Dish 


  • Chapters Faux Fur Mitten 


  • Zara Geometric Scarf 


I hope this helped or gave you a little gifting inspiration. Sorry if the links are a little confusing, they should all be there. Hope your having a good day and i will see you again next week sometime. I have a very exciting announcement for next post so be looking forward to that! see you soon!

Love you all,



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