Favourite Stores! 

Hello everybody! So I know this is going up late possibly a day late I was just very busy yesterday and couldn’t publish it.  Anyway today I decided to just chat about my 2 favourite stores at the moment, Zara and Oak+Fort. 

So Zara is my all time favourite store. I’ve very short and sometimes find it hard to find clothes ,especially pants, that are short enough, but Zara just fits perfectly. I have so many pieces from there ranging from pants to sweaters to dresses. Everything is just really good quality for the prices. I would rec omens checking it out for some different pieces that are still super comfy. 

The second store is oak+Fort. I don’t know if this store is international but I hope it is because it is a great place to find items that are just a little different. It is all monochrom and most things are oversized. However it is super nice quality. I recently got a cream knit sweater there and it is the softest thing I have ever felt. I would recommend checking out the website if you don’t have a shop near you. 

Well those are my two favourite stores at the moment. I will see you later with another post to carry on with my 7 days of blogmas. 



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