Boxing Day Haul

Hello everybody! So today is the last day of my 7 days of blogmas. I really like doing a post every night. In the new year I am really going to try to be on here more often and on more of a schedule. 

Well anyway today was Boxing Day and for North America that means SHOPPING!! Retail has been down this year so the sales were unreal today. Everything I got was over 40% off which is awesome. These are the prices I picked up earlier today.  

The Floral pj shorts are from Simons. They are super soft and really light. 

The blue shorts are from lulu lemon. I dance and was in desperate need for some new shorts like these so I thought I should pick some up while they were on sale. 

The grey joggers and skirt are from Gap. The skirt is blue suede and it fits like a dream. It comes in at the waist and just glides over the hips. Very flattering. The sweats are also really nice because  I don’t like wearing thick sweat pants because they just make me too hot, but these ones are perfect. And they look really cute on. 

The scarf is from Urban Outfitters whose sale actually kinda sucked this year. The scarfs and hats were on sale but nothing else really was which was disappointing. But the scarf is like a knit blanket scarf which is awesome. 

The shirt and dress are from American Eagle. They are just really comfy and I’m going to be wearing them lots in the coming months.

Let me know if you went Boxing Day shopping and I’ll talk to you again soon! 



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