Zoella Beauty Review! 

Hello everybody! How is everyone doing today or whatever day you may be reading this? I hope everyone is doing well.  So recently I picked up a Zoe Suggs Zoella Beauty product product here in Canada. I was sooo excited to see it here cause I had thought that they were only selling the products in the UK and the US. Anyway I only was able to get my hands on only the Soak Opera shower cream and bath soak.  

So I’ve tried is now a couple times as a shower cream and as a bubble bath.  It is such a beautiful clean, fresh smell. I honestly can’t describe it better than just fruity and fresh, like a summer day! It lathers beautifully too and makes amazing amounts of bubbles. It washes off very nicely and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. Can’t wait to get more Zoella Beauty products! Very impressed by the brand so far and I also love Zoe and am even more that I get to support her through getting her products. 

If you’ve tried any of her products please leave your thoughts on them below , I would love to hear what you think about them! 

Talk to you soon! 



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