Galentines Day!!


Hello everybody! I hope everyone is doing good! So todays post will be a little blurb on the Galentines Day afternoon tea I held today for my girlfriends. I am one of the very weird single people who actually love Valentines Day  and just the whole idea of telling the people you love just how much they mean to you. I just don’t understand why single people hate valentines day because they can still show there friends and family how much they love them. So anyway here is my little Galentines Day.

So first here are some pictures of my hair/makeup/outfit. My eyes are a matte cream base with a matte blush transition crease colour and a matte dark brown in the outer crease. I also decided to line my upper lash line with a dark brown gel eyeliner and popped on some trusty mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I wanted my makeup to be really natural and dewy so I used a BB cream instead of foundation. I did contour just the smallest amount and put on my Dandelion blush for a perfect natural pink. I also used a tinted lip balm to get some colour without drying out my lips with a lipstick.

For my hair I just straightened it and slept in it to let some waves come back in and then I threw it into a ponytail.


For my outfit i wanted to look nice without looking fancy so I opted for a skirt and a t-shirt.I also decided to wear the pink shirt because I thought it was festive and appropriate for the occasion. And since it is still winter I had to wear black tights with it because my legs are very pale and dry which I know it’s gross, but it’s true.


For the actual tea I decorated my kitchen table area to make it all pretty and pink. I made brownies and cut them into little hearts. I also made chocolate chip and sugar cookies and put together a cheese board. The table looked really cute and the desserts were really good.


All in all today was really fun. It was an afternoon spent with good food and good friends. I would really recommend having a Galentines Day if you ever find yourself single on the day of love and couples. Hope you all have a great valentines day tomorrow, whatever you get up to and I’ll see you next week!




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