Best Fitness Youtubers 

Hello everybody! So today I wasn’t in the mood to do a beauty or fashion post ,but more of a lifestyle one. I have been trying to workout recently and there are a few Youtubers that I’ve been really enjoying recently. 
The first one is Lucy Wyndham-Read and she is awesome. Her channel is a bit of a mess and a bit confusing but her workouts are great for people trying to to get into the swing of working out. She also puts out recipe and lifestyle videos which I also really enjoy watching.  

  The second is Blogilates. I feel like everyone knows this channel and everyone loves her! I know I do! Her videos are designed to push you and to help get you back into shape. I can personally garuntee that if you stick with them you will see results and quite quickly.    
The last one is CosmoBody run by cosmopolitan magazine. I haven’t done a ton of the workouts of this channel ,but I just really like the feel of the workouts and channel. There interesting workouts and have varying degrees of difficulty which I think is important.   
 Well that’s it for this blog post if you enjoyed more of a lifestyle post please let me know by liking and I’ll see you again next week. 




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