Makeup Haul! 

Hello everybody! Sorry about not being on here for a couple of weeks I just didn’t have anything I felt was good enough to post.  Anyway I just got back from the USA and while I was there I got a few makeup bits.  

First thing is the Elf eyebrow duo. It’s a gel and a setting powder. So far I’ve been really liking it and have gotten tons of compliments. 

Next is the Elf makeup mist& set. I got this because I saw a lot of things comparing it to Macs setting spray. It’s alright but it’s life changing by any means. 

The next thing I got was Urban Decay original eyeshadow primar. This I really like! It keeps my eyeshadow perfect and crease less for hours.  

Lastly I got the Too Faced colour drenched lip cream in I want candy. It’s very pigmented and creamy on the lips. I haven’t worn it long enough to tell if it’s going to be drying or idiot has good staying power. 

Well that’s my little haul from my trip and I’ll talk to u again soon. 



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