Hair Care! 

Hello everybody! How are you all? Happy Father’s Day to any dads that may happen to be reading, no judgment on my part. 

So today I decided to do a post about what I use on my hair because I have finally found some products that work for me. I have very, VERY thick, curly, unruly hair that does not like to do what I want. I cut it recently to just about my shoulders and I found that it’s helped a lot with how my curls sit. So here’s a list of the products that I use on my hair every second day when I wash it. 

First I shampoo in the shower. I have tried most of the lower and higher end shampoos and conditioners and I like this one better. My hair gets build up easily and I’ve found that this breaks it up and leaves my hair feeling very fresh and clean. And you cannot beat the price. 

I also use the matching conditioner. With the conditioner I  put it in right after shampooing then I go about my business and do whatever one may choose to do in the shower. Then when I’m done I wash it out. It leaves my hair so soft and moisturized. 

After I get out of the shower when my hair is slightly, only slightly , dried I put my Kevin Murphy smooth again lotion in.  This is the best curl lotion, cream, serem, spray, product that I have ever used. It leaves my hair with nice soft definition oppose to stiff crunchy curls. If you have  curls definitely try this out. It will change you hair game in every way. 

I also occasionally pop a little coconut oil spray in my hair for extra moisture but I don’t do that every time. 

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have curly hair and try any of these products please let me know what you think. Have a great day. 



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