I’m Sorry!!!!

Hello everybody! Wow I’ve really missed this over the last month! So I decided to write this little post to apologize for being the Worst Blogger Ever. I could try and make excuses about why I haven’t been on here is over a month now, but you all deserve better than some lame excuses. I honestly just lost motivation to continue putting effort into my blog. I couldn’t come up with any new or exciting posts and I started comparing my photos and posts to those of professional bloggers with world class cameras and equipment. It was a stupid thing to do and it made me feel bad about this little blog that I have worked very hard to get to where it is now and I am proud of it. I started this just over a year ago and it has been such a learning curve, trying to figure out what readers want and trying to determine what I like to write about.

The future of this blog. Moving forward I am already have a lot of posts lined up that I am really excited about. I am going to be focusing more on writing about things that really excite me and make me want to spend all of my free time working on my blog. The pictures will hopefully look better and will improve the look of my blog.  The writing will be the best it possibly can be and I am going to put every bit of effort into making this the best blog it can be. I am really excited for where this will take my blog.

So finally I just want to say thank you to one everybody who has read this far and to everyone who has stuck by me during my time away. I know that there is many of you but I appreciate every singe one of you and you make me so happy because without you this wouldn’t have survived for so long. So thank you! I honestly love you for sticking with me and supporting me it means the world .


Lots of love,



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