I’m a Model! 

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? Hope everyone is doing really well! 

So as you can see by the title I’m officially a super model! I’m just kidding. This weekend I got the opportunity to walk in a stores prom line fashion show. The Hudson Bay company, which is a very large Canadian department store, just recently started to promote the exapansion of their prom dress shop and asked people from various high schools around the area to send a few students to walk in the show. These are the few pictures I got in each of the dresses I got to walk. Enjoy! 

I know I look awkward in the second picture haha. I was smirking at my friend who was taking the pictures. This was my favourite of the two dresses. It was just a simple royal blue dress with some rhinestones down the sides to nip in the waist. 

This one was also a lovely dress, however not my style at all! It was pretty hard to walk in because it is a mermaid style so I wasn’t really able to move my knees. I did really like the low back on it though because that is something I never wear because of my chest size. 

Well that is it for my post today. Hope you enjoyed and comment if you are graduating and got your graduation of prom dress. Have a great week and I’ll see you next week! 



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