New Favourite Bath Bombs! 

Hello everybody! I hope your all doing very well this week! So I have discovered something that has changed my bath game forever haha. I know it sounds weird but it really has. It is a company I found at a local farmers market called . Don’t get me wrong I LOVE lush, but I honestly like these bath bombs more. There not at fancy as lush, they don’t have a bunch of colours with glitter or flower petals in them.  But when it comes to sent they go above and beyond. The dents are richer and more pungent then those at lush.I just used the chai tea sented one a few nights ago and it left my whole bathroom smelling warm with a hint of spice all night.  I have been so impressed that I will forsure be trying more bath products that are not produced by large chain stores. 

Please leave down in the comments any good places to buy bath products or other beauty products that aren’t as well known. Hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll talk to you really soon! 

-Ally XO


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